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Hi Class.

I'd like each of you to write a short entry here in which you reflect a little on the writing process. You can talk about how your own process works or about things you've never tried that you would like to try. You can talk about writing in general and how (or if) it plays a big role in your life. You don't need to say a lot. But give it some thought. Please be sure to click on the "save" button when you're done, and please be sure to sign your entry. Thanks.

C. Penna

Alex Arguello
My goal for the summer program is to be able to create a strong foundation for my college academic career by strengthening my writing. Writing is the core element of being able to deliver and show knowledge in any subject. My main goal for the University of Delaware is to receive a degree in Civil Engineering. The first step in receiving this degree is to be able to improve my writing in order to help me in the classes where I will have to show my teachers my knowledge through papers. I hope that this class will make me a better writer and in order to do this I have to try my hardest to fully enhance my skills. My plan is to listen and attempt to follow the steps given to me by Dr. Penna to make my writing the best it can be. I am both excited and nervous to begin this. I am excited because I finally have the opportunity to begin studying to become an Engineer. I am nervous because I am in a new place with a new group of people and most importantly with a new quantity of work. Despite my fears I am going to try my hardest to reach the goals and my first goal is to improve my writing in this English class.
Alex Arguello

I really enjoy writing personally. My favorite type of writing is creative writing, it allows me to look at a blank piece of paper and really have the ability to write about anything I want. That is the easiest type of writing for me to do. Other writing I do often is summarizing stories. The way I would do this is while I am reading the text I stop to highlight or write little notes in the margins. Some things I would like to imporove are my thesis statements and the way i transition from each paragraph so it flows better. I think writing plays a big role in my life because in high school it was very important to be succesful and it is also how I like to study by taking notes and writing things down.

Colin Smith

Personally I am not a fan of writing; writing is something I could never get into. Although I believe writing can be beneficial to me in many ways, I do not feel that writing is for me. Until my last English course, I used to HATE writing. I still don’t like to do it but now I am content with it. It’s weird because I wrote more in my last English course than I did in any other course. I think it was the teacher. What really surprised me was that she said I was a good writer. Out of all the years and out of all my English classes none of my other teachers ever told me that. All I really hope to get out of this SEP English course is an A and my 3 credits and to become a better writer. I also would like to become more interested in writing but I doubt that's going to happen.
James Lane

I can remember all the way back to the fourth grade, when the teacher told the class very horrifying news. The news was that we would not be just writing paragraphs anymore, instead we would be writing those ever so famous essays called book reports. As that fourth grade year progressed I developed a strong passion against writing. Even right now here today, whether it is a class assignment, poetry, or just writing a diary entry, writing always seems to get me frustrated. It is just to time consuming for me. Writing is like the only thing I cannot multi-task with, which makes it sooooooo BORING. Another thing that annoys me the most about writing is there is no set way to do it. Everyone has a different opinion on what good writing is and what is not. Maybe someday I will like writing, or someday I will just stop writing period. Eventually, I hope I will get over my writing problem, because I can remember all the way back to when I did not like to workout, and now I can not go on without exercising. Just like exercising, writing is a part of my life whether I want to do it or not.


Writing can be fun when the topic is a fun topic. Writing has is and always will be an important communication tool. Writers have different styles of writing and almost every writer has his or her own unique touch. For me,I just use my skills that I have collected from years of english classes combined with other writing knowledge. Because I am motivated to do good, no matter what the assignment I do my best. Although I try my best, there are many assignments that I have completed that were not fun or that I wanted to complete. Overall writing can be fun, but isn't all the time and everyone has a unique writing style which they create from learning and experiences.

William A. Friedman

I believe that writing is a great way to express ideas and communicate with others. When we were discussing the amount of time we should spend on prewriting, writing and rewriting, I agreed with our decision. I agree that we should spend more time on rewriting than writing. Over the years, my writing has greatly improved. I have learned to develop good thesis statements and how to write good introduction paragraphs. Even though I am good at those aspects of writing, I would still love to make my writing stronger. My weaknesses are giving enough examples to support my thesis and making good conclusions. I expect to make these things better through the English 110 course that I am taking now. I agree with Mr. Penna when he said that the more you practice writing, then the better your writing will be. English is not my best subject, but I believe that I will succeed.

Kiara Cox

Writing is something that is vital to all of our lives. It is necessary in order to communicate information (newspapers, e-mail), entertain (television, magazines), and learn (textbooks). Therefore it's safe to assume that one must possess adequate writing skills in order to become successful. As I look back on high school, I realize that I won't always need to know about acid-base reactions or derivatives, but I will always need to know how to write.
In high school, essay writing usually consisted of analyzing a piece of old literature. Boring. I enjoyed writing much more as I worked as a reporter for my school paper usually covering sports. I guess you can't enjoy writing all the time, but when you do, your work turns out well.

Clay Rowe

Coming into college my greatest fear in the classroom were the long papers we have to write. Hopefully this class will help me lose that fear of writing and to enhance my skills so that I am prepared for whatever type of writing I am called to do after college. The hardest part for me in writing woud have to be starting. It usually takes me while to get started and to come up with what topics I want to talk about. In the Buisness world writing is very critical and this class is essential in taking my studies to the next level.
Julian Hoberman

For the most part, I enjoy writing. Being able to effectively communicate my ideas in written word has always interested me. In my final semester of high school, I took a Creative Writing and Literary Analysis course. Although I had no experience in creative writing prior to the course, I learned a great deal about the creative writing process. I produced several successful papers, including a ten-page short story about Iraqi war refugees that I turned in for my final. I am excited to continue receiving feedback from Dr. Penna this summer, I found his feedback on my “Story of an Hour” summary very useful, and I know I will continue to grow as a writer during this course.

Leanne Wharton

I could not image having something to say, yet have no form of expressing myself. Writing is an important part of communication in society and I feel that it is important to my every day life. Creative writing is a type of art.
In the last three days, I have learned more about creative writing. For example, I actually thought about why and how people write. Before, it was just something necessary to do. With me, being someone who never talked much, I always enjoyed writing letters whether it be on paper on in instant messengers. Poems that I wrote actually help to gather all of my emotions and create something constructively. The biggest thing I wish to gain from this class is building better habits, especially with timing my writing. I learned that just like practicing a sport, you must practice your writing skills. I hope to gain more knowledge through this class. I feel that it has a lot to offer since everyone attending the University of Delaware is required to take it.
07/14/07 Cynelsa Broderick

For me writing is something which I enjoy to do if it is a topic that interesting to me. I find writing to be a way where a person is able to express themselves. It allows for a picture to be made by all people who read anything. This makes it able for a person to make their own picture of what is going on. It’s almost like creating your own movie or a whole different universe inside of your head. Writing is a long a tedious process that doesn’t just happen over night. I find that even after writing a long paper which I may not have enjoyed it feels good to have finished it.
David Marsan

Writing has always been a huge part of my scholastic and personal life. It allows me to express myself in ways other forms of communication cant. I'm able to write something and provide the reader with a mental image, allowing them to see and almost feel what I'm writing about. I've engaged in many different types of writing. Poetry is by far my favorite way of expressing myself, because it allows the author to communicate ideas in an interesting and different way. The sense of accomplishment when I finishes a poem, or even a long paper feels great.
Terrence Donald

To me, writing is the highest form of expression. Certain feelings and tones could never be expressed in word of mouth, but can be easily understood on a piece of paper. I've always
enjoyed writing thorughout my career as a student, but never enjoyed it when I was forced to write about a topic I wasn't interested in. However, a person can still write a beautiful paper on a topic they loathe - and in their structure, tone, and voice, they are expressing themselves in a different manner, as subliminal artist in a sense. I believe learning to write is a very important tool not just for growing up and getting a job, etc., but for self-discovery. I've found many different sides of myself through writing, and the knowledge has always aided me in future situations.
Nate Twer

There is perhaps no better form of expression than writing. It is the only medium that can be interpreted by all people regardless of physical disability. Music can't be heard by the deaf, art can't be seen by the blind. But writing can be read to the blind, the deaf can read it. In this way the entire can potentially hear your views on topics, or hear your opinion; even the smallest of voices can become the loudest with effective writing, and I feel that this is what makes writing so crucial to life.
Obi Nwabara

As I come to to the second half of the program I am now feeling the pressure of the workload. I now can cope with how I must work harder in order to maintain better grades. I must put in so much more work then I did in high school to get the grades I want. I also am now getting used to the college life which involves more time management and also maintain a clean room and bathroom. Before the program started I thought the new college experience was going to be all play and little work but I am now understanding if I want the grades it has to be the opposite way. I believe though that this program is helping me to prepare myself for the fall and when the fall comes around the workload might even be easier because the classes will no longer be condensed. The project though is my worry because I know I have to devote lots of time in order to get a good grade on this project. With the limiting time limit of under two weeks I have no time to spare and must cooperate to work hard with my group.
Alex Arguello