Do Work!


I hope I don't get LOP again.

We're writing so fast things are getting blurry.


Yo, whats up, its me will. I'm in Dr.Penna's E110 class and I'm a undecided major, but I want to do something in computer sciences or engineering. I'm in group one for this wiki's research paper and we are the best group ever. I Love to play sports and party. Don't play water pong in the dorms.....WILL


Hey everyone, I'm Terrence and I'm in Dr. Penna's E110 class with this weird kid Will Friedman above me. I know this picture is enormous but it's the only one I had and it would've taken far too much time to shrink it. Just in case you were wondering, this picture was taken in Cozumel, Mexico which is awesome. I live in Fairfax, VA and I'm here to become a Mechanical Engineer. As I always say in class. DO WORK!

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Hey what's up everyone, I'm Obi aka Obes aka many other nicknames that i'd be happy to tell you later. I'm currently in E110 which is taught by Dr. Penna, he's a pretty cool guy. I'm from Newark, Delaware, i'm a Finance Major, I'm in group 2 aka the Dream Team, and basically I do work. Another thing I'd like everyone to know is this: I am kind.


Hey my name is Julian and I'm in Dr. Penna's E110 class. I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in International Business. I enjoy listening to music and playing sports. I'm from Pittsburgh and love the Steelers. I'm part of the greatest group ever, group 2.

Hey my name is Nate. I'm a student in Dr. Penna's E110 class and I fight people for money.

Hello, English lovers! My name is Cynelsa and I will be a freshman at the University of Delaware this fall. I am part of group three, who researched Dublin history. During Dr. Penna's ENG110 course, we've learned the importance of TRANSITIONS and the overall structure of a paper. Therefore, that was our main focus so enjoy!


Hi! I'm Tae!

I am excited to be here at the University of Delaware...I mean that's what I've been working toward all my life (just kidding). I like to have fun if the occasion calls for it. I am ready to start my future...well kind of. I'll add more later...I guess?

Hey, I'm Clay. I'm spending my summer in Dr. Penna's E110 class and not at the beach. . .but I guess it's cool since I don't have to take it in the fall. I came all the way from Hockessin, DE, a 15 minute drive from campus. You can find me in the Apple corner, and jaywalking is bad.


my name is leanne margaret wharton. i am from millsboro, delaware. my major is international relations with a concentration in u.s. foreign policy and an area studies in the middle east. i plan to have a triple minor in political science, history, and islamic studies with language. i am in group one.