With your team, you will research and write an 8-10 page paper. The paper will be drafted, revised, and published on the class wiki site.

Preliminary Steps

1. Read the "E110 Student Guide to the Library" on the library's web page, and take the quiz.
2. Select a topic (see below).
3. Using DELCAT and the databases, locate six sources that would be useful for writing on your topic two of these sources must be scholarly or professional journal articles.
4. Keep a research log (see more below).
5. Report to Me. You must provide me with your six sources, your research log, a tentative thesis, and a working outline for your paper. You must also have completed the E110 Student Guide to the Library quiz.

The Topics

Write an 8-10 page essay on one of the following:

Topic 1 Plagiarism—A Recommendation

Research the broad topic of intellectual honesty in academic and professional research with specific attention to the issue of plagiarism. Begin by getting an overview of the topic. What are the generally recognized principles governing the use of borrowed material in academic and professional work? Have attitudes towards this changed over time? How widespread is the problem? Is it becoming more or less prevalent? What are the chief causes? What policies have universities and other institutions come up with concerning plagiarism? What can institutions do to prevent it? What can individuals do to protect themselves from being guilty of it?

You do not need to answer all of these broad questions in your paper; instead use them to help get yourself familiar with the issue. As you learn more about the topic, think about the following specific question:

What are the best ways for faculty members to prevent plagiarism? You will rank and evaluate several recommendations made by experts and conclude by explaining which method or methods are the best.
While the recommendations will come from your sources, the ranking of these recommendations and the reasoning behind your final recommendation should come from you, not your sources.

Your audience will be concerned college students and faculty members. You must use MLA documentation in the body of your paper and attach a list of works cited at the end of your paper.

Topic 2 Teaching Writing—A Recommendation

This is similar to the previous topic. Your 8-10 page paper will deal with various methods for teaching writing in college or high school. Your audience will be college and high school educators and administrators who are revising the curricula for their writing programs. After you’ve done some general research and learned what the important issues and the most widely practiced approaches are, you will rank and evaluate them and explain which method or methods are the best. You must use MLA documentation in the body of your paper and attach a list of works cited at the end of your paper.

Topic 3 The Pros and Cons of Wind Power—An Argument

Research the current proposal to construct an offshore wind park off the coast of Delaware; then write a paper making a case either for or against this particular project. Your audience will be interested resident s of the Delaware beach communities. Give your readers some background about the issues surrounding wind power in general, and be sure that you present and refute opposing points of view. You must use MLA documentation in the body of your paper and attach a list of works cited at the end of your paper.

Topic 4 Dublin and Dubliners—Historical Analysis and Argument

Do some research historical on late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth century Dublin (1880-1914), and gain some background information on the society’s religious, political, social and economic characteristics. Next, narrow your focus then to one or two particular areas of this society that interest you, and based on careful analysis of the text and what you’ve learned through your research, make the case that Joyce’s Dubliners does or does not create a realistic portrait of this society. Your paper should be 8-10 pages. You must use MLA documentation in the body of your paper and attach a list of works cited at the end of your paper.

Topic 5 A Problem in Your Major—A Recommendation

You will find an area in your major that poses a problem for people in the field. You will research various solutions to this problem and in your essay rank and evaluate these various solutions. To write on this essay, you must first write up a question modeled on the question I've given above for the recommendation essay and submit your question/topic to me in writing for my approval.

*Whichever option you are writing on, your paper should not be a pasted together collection of quotations and summaries from your sources. Rather you should develop your own ideas and skillfully use sources to back up your points.*

The Supplementary Requirements

Individually, each of you will turn in the following on the day that the final draft of the research paper is due.

A log of your research activities and strategies: This should contain a day-by-day description of what you've done. You should be specific. Each time you do a research-related activity, such as searching the databases or DELCAT, you should enter in your log precisely what you have done. For example, list the search terms that you used, the results that you received, whether or not you were able to find the source, etc. This could take the form of a daily journal or diary. I will collect this when you turn in your final draft.

Sources and Criteria: You must find six sources relevant to your topic. Two of these must be scholarly journal articles. A scholarly article is one that has in-text citations and a list of references at the end. You must provide me with an evaluation of each of your sources. You'll turn each of your sources to me with the following evaluation form stapled to it:

I "Article Title" Journal Title. Author. Publication Date.
I found this source on _ database. I chose it for the following reasons.
The strengths of this source are and . For example .
The weaknesses of this source are
and .

II Book Title. Author. Publication Date
Provide the same information as above.

Continue in this manner for all 6 of your sources. These will be collected along with your sources when you turn in your final draft.

Memo of Transmittal: Submit a memo to me in which reflect on the process of writing the research paper. What features of the paper are you proud of? What did you have trouble with? What did you learn from writing the research paper? (One page, typed.)