General Ideas

I. Environment
i.effect of current energy sources on
a. animals
b. landscapes

II. Financial aspects

III. Background on energy sources in the last century
(note i think that we should make this the first topic discussed in the paper-obi)
obi's scholarly sources (pages 6-35)

website sources

I agree, Here's some more specifics I think should be in there, including

I. Background on energy sources
a) energy sources that have been used and their effects on the environment and government budget
b) pros and cons of these energy sources

II. Environment
a) Wind power does not disturb the environment
b) The energy is clean
c) no risk of catastophe/death as with nuclear plants (excep maybe a few birds)

III. Finacial aspects
a) Cheap maintinance
b) cheaper energy cost for the public

IV. Specs. (energy output, etc.)

Somthin off the top....

Tentative Thesis: Although windmill power is [ problem w/ wind energy], the recent proposal to establish a wind park off the coast of Delaware is a good idea because wind energy is efficient and economically friendly.
I. Intro
II. Background Information
A. General Energy Info
a) Other energy sources ( pros and cons)
B. Introduction of Windmill Energy
a) First generation of windmills
b) Pros and Cons of wind energy
III. Windmill Energy
A. Recent windmill proposals
B. Efficiency of wind Energy
C. Economic Relations
IV. Wind Energy in Delaware
A. Effect on Delaware residents.
V. Conclusion

My two scholar sources.

guys im not completely sure we're writing about the right thing here, we need to make a case for the construction of the wind farm, this should make our parts easier, at least my part anyway

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